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Image by Photos by Lanty


Both your ceremony and reception venues should reflect your vision and collective aesthetic.  I will make sure I understand your exact wishes so that the details you've dreamed about happen perfectly.  I can also happily assist with "filling in the gaps" with any extra decor you provide, writing on signage, stocking bathrooms, and making sure all lighting is on or lit.  Most anything you can think of I can help with!  Creativity, energy, and fostering logistical "flow" are my strengths.

White Wedding Cake


Wedding ceremonies and receptions have a lot of moving parts.  By working with your vendors {such as your florist, caterer, onsite coordinator, band/disc jockey, photographer/videographer, and baker}, I can assure that the set up exceeds expectation and happens in an efficient and timely manner all while YOU are enjoying getting ready and spending time with your bridal party.  I can also pass on any last payments or paperwork to your vendors.  Organization and confident communication while establishing positive relationships are my strengths.

Outdoor Wedding Altar


Each component of a wedding deserves attention.  The bride and groom's job is to focus on the covenant of marriage they are making.  Their parents' job is to take it all in.  MY job is to give that attention:  making sure that nothing is missed, assuring that everything happens on cue, and sorting out last minute issues while turning them into "wabi-sabi" {Japanese for beautiful mistakes}.  Reliability, resourcefulness, and firm-yet-kind instruction giving are my strengths.

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