About Me

My mom would often find my childhood bedroom set up like a wedding. "Jenny, is Barbie getting married again?" she'd ask. "Yes!  And it's going to be the best day ever!"

Out of those childhood dreams my love for helping brides have a precious and stress-free wedding became a reality.  After directing and coordinating weddings for friends over several years, I decided to give my passion a name:  Threefold Events.  One of the first things I tell my brides is that their wedding success is threefold:  God is glorified, their covenant is made, and their guests are honored.  Because of that, no matter your budget, your wedding can be amazing!   

I'm a South Florida native transplanted into the heart of southern culture.  I appreciate understated elegance, etiquette, and organization.  I value time, resources, and hard work.  I love Jesus, my dear husband and baby girl, and intentional friendships.

Let's work together to make your wedding truly beautiful!